MigraCode Syllabus Build Status contributions welcome

This is the syllabus and course material for MigraCode Barcelona. It is based on the syllabus from CodeYourFuture and other resources.

During the course you will learn a technology stack that helps you build anything from a simple website to a powerful database-driven web application or even a mobile app!

The eight-months course contains:

  • Core JavaScript
  • Backend development using NodeJS
  • Modern front-end development with React

We’ll complement the training with workshops on modern software methodologies and job interview practices, etc.


Code Of Conduct

You can find our full code of conduct here.


The current syllabus is thanks to the hard work by our amazing mentors who have dedicated many hours to discussing and contributing content and teaching.

Please read our Contributing guide to get started with how you can contribute to the MigraCode syllabus, or the projects we have for our students.

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